Friday, December 2, 2011

Ramanujan`s Many Ramayanas

It is regretting that Oxford University Press, publishers of A. K. Ramanujan`s Collected Essays, in which his controversial "Many Ramayanas" appears, has given a statement in the court that it has  decided to withdraw Ramanujan`s book from the market and has also decided not to reprint it. To go by the report I have read, it has given a statement in the court that Ramanujan`s essay is against the pluralistic structure of this country.

Personally I feel that Ramanujan`s essay on the Ramayanas supports the pluralistic cultures of this country by bringing to our notice many versions of the Ramayanas. Whatever it is, the statements of Prof. Paula Rechamn, William H. Dauforth and others that the Oxford University Press should relinquish its rights on Ramanujan`s book so that the book is reprinted by other publishers to make  this scholarly work  available to the academicians and the public is just and reasonable. I urge my friends and readers to press the Oxford University Press to relinquish its rights of Ramanujan`s book. Making his works available at all the time is a tribute we pay to Ramanujan, who, through his poetry and translations, has enriched Kannada language too.

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